Choosing a Size for your Cayman Islands Rent-A-Car

Which car would best suit your needs as a traveler to the Cayman Islands? At Andy's, we serve a variety of different people from all over the world. We offer the best services for those seeking an economical choice for their honeymoon, for those planning an adventure with their children and even for touring groups of seven or more.  View our list of car rentals size below and find out what best suits you.

Sub-Compact: Our Sub-compact car is the best economical choice on a Grand Cayman rent-a-car. Perfect for one or two people traveling lightly with one piece of standard sized luggage, this car offers an incredible gas mileage.

Compact: While visiting the Grand Cayman, rent a car like the Suzuki Swift for a little more room than the subcompact option. Compact vehicles are best for one piece of standard sized luggage.

Mid-Sized: Our mid-sized Grand Cayman rent-a-car like the Ford Focus offers enough trunk space for 2 pieces of standard size luggage and an automatic transmission. Feel the comfort and stretch out your legs when you rent a car on Grand Cayman.

Full-Sized: For even more leg room while traveling on the Cayman Islands, rent a car like the Cadillac  Deville or Ford Taurus.  Trunk space accommodates about 3 standard -size luggage pieces.

Standard SUV: Standard SUVs are a popular choice for small families with luggage space accommodating up to 4 pieces and  seating 5 people comfortably. Install one of our car seat rentals for just $10 per day.

Large Vans: Our large vans are perfect for tour groups and can fit between 7 to 9 people depending on which model you choose. Andy's rent-a-car in Grand Cayman truly offers the most versatile selection for travelers.